Welcome to Renegade Radio, a podcast network dedicated to producing the best work that Malaysia has to offer.


Founded in 2018, with an eye—and ear!—for bold voices and independent, inspired creators.


Renegade Radio hosts a variety of shows, from literary review podcasts, video-game discussions to local horror, bringing together an exciting melting-pot of Malaysian perspectives to the Malaysian podcasting scene.

THE founders

Kelvin Tay is our founder, CEO, and Head of Operations. A lifelong entrepreneur, he studied Finance and Entrepreneurship at HELP University, ran a corporate events company and managed two coffeeshops in TTDI before breaking into the world of podcasting. True to form, his motto is “Hustle demi hasil”! He’s also an avid gamer and hosts our gaming podcast, Epic Arcade.


Nani Lai is our Head of Finance and the head of our Chinese podcasts! He crunches the numbers and makes sure that our podcasting machine has the money it needs to run smoothly. Nani studied International Business at HELP University, and owns a family business in the meat industry, as well as a number of other ventures!


Jeff Kassim is our Head of Production and handles all back-end producing for our shows, which means you’ll find him living in the corner of our recording studio, snug in his hoodie. Legend has it, you have to leave an offering of canned coffee at his workstation and the next morning, you’ll have a fully-edited and produced file in your hard drive. Jeff studied Mass Comm and ADP at HELP University and worked as a barista for four years before joining our family. He’s also a voice actor, and who knows, you might hear him on one of our shows… ;)

Kush Khandelwal is our Head of Marketing and resident designer! Indian-born and Malaysian-raised, he studied Graphic Design at Taylors University and has over five years of design experience under his belt. Aside from Renegade Radio, he also works for Omnilytics.

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